Schwarzenegger Pack


Schwarzenegger Pack


Make use of your potential.

The Schwarzenegger Pack is the ideal way to have a raw, vegetable juice during your exercise. Our juices hydrate you before, during and after training with natural and unprocessed nutrition. All of our juices are organic, fresh and without hpp (no long shelf life techniques). Get the best out of your training and feed yourself with tasty fruit and vegetable juices. Make full use of your potential!

This pack contains 10 juices and comes with:

1. Slim Fit Fusion 01         (2x)
2. Feel the Beet 03            (2x)
3. Burningman 07             (2x)
4. Wild at Heart 10            (2x)
5. Die Hard Green 11         (2x)


Schwarzenegger Pack.

Are you looking for that extra boost in the gym and want to do that in the most healthy way? No need to look further! This pack contains juices that will cleanse your body from toxins. You will become healthier than ever. Show your power!

How to use:

Cold pressed. Perishable, has to be kept refrigerated. Shake before use. Manufactured in a facility that processes nuts.


Product information

Fresh and traditional 

Superfoodguru juices & food products are made daily, and per order in our production kitchen in The Hague to guarantee its freshness. In addition, our juices are really fresh and has to be kept in the refrigerator for 7 days after production.


Cold pressed

Quality above anything. This means that we cold-press our juices. We cold press our juices because it is important that nutrients and enzymes remain alive. Pure and unprocessed juices without additives.

Organic certified

We are 100% organic and Skal certified. Skal number: 107403

No use of HPP

The juices we make are really fresh. It contains living enzymes and no use has been made of HPP, pasteurization or shock freeze techniques. We do not use the techniques below.

HPP =High pressure processing, with this method the entire living microbial content of products is broken down by extremely high water pressure. As a result, a product loses its nutritional power. The shelf life of up to 3 days can be changed to a shelf life of up to 90 days.

Pasteurization = Pasteurization is the process of destroying harmful bacteria in perishable food products. The food is heated briefly, with the intention of not changing the product too much. Pasteurization takes a lot of energy.

Shock freeze = Shock freeze takes a product to -18°C as quickly as possible to extend the shelf life up to months. However, the product loses its taste.

By using these techniques, a juice has a longer shelf life. Unfortunately, according to the nutrition center, this does not benefit the quality and taste of the juice.

Sustainable, compostable packaging. 

Superfoodguru supports a sustainable earth. That is why we develop compostable packaging for our products. We strive to use completely plastic-free packaging for our brand. That is why our juice bottle, smoothie bowl and bliss ball packaging are made of 100% sugar cane and are therefore compostable.

Delivery information


  • Ordered before 11:00 on business days, received that same evening.*
  • Chilled delivery on Monday through Friday between 18:00 – 22:00
  • Costs: €5,95
  • Delivery at the office? That’s possible, contact us via:
  • Ordering on the weekend? Your order will be processed on Monday. Delivered that same evening.
  • Do you want to receive your order on a later date? Contact us!
  • Customer service is available till 21:00 (18:00 on the weekends)d
  • You can reach us via Whatsapp, (Facebook),  live chat of e-mail

*We are dependent on our traffic, in some cases it might occur that our same day delivery might fail. In that case your package will be delivered the next business day. You’ll be sent an email with track and trace, where you can trace the status of your order.

  • Ordered before 12:00 on business days, received the next business day.
  • Chilled delivery on Tuesday through Friday between 09:00 – 17:00 via UPS.
  • Delivered directly to your home or office.
  • Costs: €8,75
  • Ordering on the weekend? Your order will be processed on Monday. Delivered that Tuesday.
  • Do you want to receive your order on a later date? Contact us!

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Content pack


10 Juices | per bottle 325 ml

You will receive these flavors:

nr. 01  2x  Slim Fit Fusion

nr. 03  2x  Feel The Beet

nr. 07  2x  Burning Man

nr. 10  2x  Wild At Heart

nr. 11  2x  Die Hard Green

Sustainable Delivery Box

Our delivery boxes are made of sustainable cardboard. The paper isolation and the 100% environment friendly coolpacks keeps our juices chilled for 24 hours. You will receive your healthy juices fresh and in an environment friendly box. A win-win situation!