Our values.


We take an unbiased and service-centric approach to the work we do. We use organic ingredients (Skal certified), don’t make use of any pasteurisation, hpp or freeze our juices. If you want to drink a juice, you’ll want to drink it fresh. Quality above all. That means we cold press our juices keeping important nutrients and enzymes alive. We test our juices ourselves. We will never recommend something that we don’t love, and think worthy of your time and your wallet. We value your trust above all things.


Superfoodguru juices are made every day in our The Hague production kitchen. The juices are made from unique combinations of vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs. An example of ingredients: fennel, beet, spinach, sweet potato, ginger and turmeric but also apple, banana and orange. Jojanneke: ‘The flavors are the result of many experiments based on existing recipes we have adapted but also of pure coincidence. By mixing with the products I had left, the tastiest flavors arose. However, I am looking forward to optimizing the health aspects of each juice. For example, the functioning of turmeric is greatly enhanced by black pepper.’

Superfoodguru juices and snacks have been certified organic by Skal and gluten free. We want to offer our clients as much transparency.

Superfoodguru is an independent Dutch brand created by a foodie entrepreneur. Jojanneke: ‘I want to develop a sustainable business with reasonable prices for a large group of people. We keep our prices competitive in the market. We don’t calculate the delivery costs in the sales price’, so we can keep our price per juice low’.


The Superfoodguru juice detox is a wholesome experience. We guide you all along the cleanse with advice and a Detox booklet which is a free download from our website. The goal of the cleanse is to make a fresh start and adopt a healthy lifestyle that is beneficial for you in the long run.

We are currently working on a sustainable juice bottle, we are launching the bottle this year.