Our founder.

Launched in 2017 out of Jojanneke Leistra’s kitchen as a homespun juice experiment. JL created superfoodguru to develop & deliver high quality juices and cleanses on a broader scale, beside for friends, plant-based recipes, and also as a place to get her own questions—about health, fitness, and nutrition—answered in Into The Guru. It has always been a dream for JL to start a company creating food products of high nutritional value and also a place where consumers can find suggestions about how & where to eat more plant-based. 

Jojanneke Leistra, Superfoodguru founder

I create wholesome plant-based juices & food and share images from my work on Instagram. I also love designing for SFG, and love to blog about all things healthy and lifestyle.

A The Hague plant-based chef, graphic designer, photographer, entrepeneur and workout lover, my happiest days are spent in the kitchen developing new products & behind my computer screen sharing my brand with the world.


After graduating a study in Management, I followed both of my passions and studied at the art academy in The Hague & for Natural Nutrition Advisor. “Throughout the years I was reading books about PlantBased health and I started making my own juices with a slowjuicer. I followed several Juice Detoxes, which I made myself. I discovered it was a hell of a job to buy all the groceries, searching for recipes and making two litres of juice everyday for this detox and cleaning my Juicer :-).

This is how I came up with the idea to deliver Juice recipes and fresh ingredients in boxes to peoples houses. Eventually learning from their feedback that it’s all about convenience, so I started to develop & produce these recipes and deliver ready-to-drink cold pressed juices. Fascinated by the benefits on my health and skin, I have launched Superfoodguru in The Hague.